walking for weight loss

Attention: All Women Over 30

"Do You Want To Say Goodbye To Your Middle Aged Body?

And Say Hello To A Trimmer, Sexier And More Toned You!

And If You’re Over Thirty – This Is One Of The Best Exercises You Can Do To Get A Firmer, Younger Looking Figure - GUARANTEED..."

This isn’t about some shady weight loss pill or potion that’s damaging to your health or just another fitness craze that’s here today and gone tomorrow.

What you’re going to discover today is a virtually unknown twist on a time tested and proven exercise that REALLY WORKS!

I’ve taken a simple concept and made some very clever changes so that it’s now like fat burning on rocket fuel.

This Simple Secret Holds The Key To Unlocking The Door To A Trimmer Tummy, Thinner Thighs And A Firmer Butt!

And because of these changes, this is also a very new approach to losing weight!

Tick BoxIt’s a way to flatten your stomach without sit ups

Tick BoxTo firm your thighs without having to go to every dance class at your local gym

Tick BoxTo trim the fat from your butt without spending hours with a personal trainer

Tick BoxYou can do it anywhere

Tick BoxIf done properly it’s an EXTREMELY effective way of burning fat

Tick BoxIt doesn’t place excessive stress on your joints or muscles

Tick BoxYou don’t need any skills or talents to do it... it’s easy

Tick BoxBut above all... it’s free!

Although I Can’t Claim To Have Invented This, I Have Modified And Supercharged It To Dramatically Speed Up The Results You Can Expect To See

In fact it’s actually something that many of the most beautiful and sexiest celebrities in the world do too...

Stars such as Anna Friel, Cameron Diaz, Natalie Imbruglia, Teri Hatcher, Eva Longoria and Nicole Kidman to name but a few have all been spotted and captured on camera doing this.

Anna Friel

Cameron Diaz

Natlie Imbruglia

Teri Hatcher

Eva Longoria

Nicole Kidman

Do you think that some of the richest and busiest women in the world would spend their time doing something that didn’t get them noticeable results?

What if I told you that this new technique meant you could dramatically improve the way you look without ever having to set foot in a smelly gym or sweaty fitness class ever again...

That it’s a way to lose weight naturally, permanently

AND something that virtually anyone can do!

Would You Be Interested?

If you said ‘YES’ just now, then go grab a coffee, turn off the phone, dim the lights and make yourself comfortable because I’m about to explain exactly why my new system could be the weight loss solution you’ve been searching for...

You’ll Discover Something That’s Quick And Easy That Can Make You Feel 20 Years Younger And Live 20 Years Longer!

(well actually maybe not 20 years longer, but it HAS been scientifically proven beyond doubt to extend your life and improve your health)

It’s something I’ve developed for my own one to one clients who hate the gym but desperately want to have a figure to die for.

It’s something that I stumbled upon almost by accident, when a winner of one of my weight loss challenges told me about her secret strategy.

I didn’t believe her at first, but when she explained it all to me it made so much sense.

If it could work for her - a time pressed, busy, stressed single mom, then I’m 100% sure it will work for you too.

And if you read every word of this report I’ll explain to you exactly why and how it does work...

Ok So What’s This Fantastic Weight Loss Program You’ve Developed And How Will It Help Me?

Well remember I said that I designed it for my own clients, most of who tend to be busy professionals without very much spare time on their hands...

...or very much interest in exercising.

I knew I needed to create something that they could use that easily fitted in around their hectic lives.

It needed to be something they could go away and do on their own without risking injury or getting bored.


So I developed a fat loss system based around what I consider to be (and many other Hollywood stars too) the perfect exercise...

Walking... When It’s Done Right You Could Easily Describe it as ‘THE Perfect Exercise!’

Natalie Imbruglia Walking

Singer and Actress Natalie Imbruglia power walking near her home in London.

Yes you read that right, I said walking and over the next few minutes I’ll explain to you EXACTLY why my take on it is so effective but still so underused by everyone except those who are in ‘the know’

My own revolutionary program uses an unusual and extremely effective twist to using walking to burn through your fat stores.

I’ve taken techniques from other activities that burn fat such as running and other sports to supercharge the results you can expect to see.

If You’ve Tried Everything Else But Never Got The Body You Wanted, Then It’s Time For A New Solution That Gets Results FAST!

And that's one of great things about walking is that it’s one of the easiest things in the world to do.

In fact every able bodied person does this every time they move, yes ok that might simply be from the couch to the car and the car to the office and back again, but we all do it.

The problem is that we don’t do enough of it and we don’t do it regularly enough.

Just 20 – 30 minutes walking a day following one of my unique fat elimination plans is enough to burn over 52lbs in a year, with little or only a very slight change to your current lifestyle.

That’s right you could start losing weight, living the life you love, without spending hours at the gym or starving yourself of all the things you enjoy eating.

Walking works because it burns off calories.

Andrea Ellison

Want To Read Over and Over Again...


"Once I started reading the book I was immediately impressed with the content, layout, practical advise and the easy reference guides kept my interest throughout.


Now whenever I walk I am always thinking about the examples given in the book and feel very motivated to do more.


This is a book that you’ll want to read over and over again!" 

Andrea Ellison - UK

Amys testimonialRevolutionised The Way I Approach Losing Weight...


"This guide has revolutionised the way I approach losing weight now. No more yo-yo dieting or trips to the gym where I'm left feeling embarrassed and deflated.


The techniques I've learned have helped me visualise where I want to be, plan step by step how I will get there and the easy to follow schedules mean I can work walking into my life so it's an enjoyable experience not a chore.


I've noticed my fitness levels increasing after just a few weeks and I'm already closer to fitting into the dress I've been determined I will wear again!"


Amy - Halifax,UK

Andrew Brett's testimonialInsightful and Helpful...


"Since reaching my 30's I have noticed that maintaining my flat stomach has become increasingly difficult for me even though I have an active lifestyle.


I decided to give Jago's Walking For Weight Loss book a read but I didn’t really expect to find any helpful information inside because I already instruct adventure weekends for kids and I have years of experience with fitness training.


However, to my surprise the book was full of insightful and helpful information that I was able to implement for myself. In fact I have been able to use the techniques shown in the book as a means of losing weight without making any changes to my diet. This is great for me because I do love my food and I also have a professional image to protect!


Being overweight does hold people back from achieving their full potential. If you want to shed your tummy and feel great about your body then get yourself a copy right now. I recommend it!" 

Andrew Brett - New Zealand

If You’re A Little Overweight Right Now It Can Be A Bit Of A Scary Thought Having To Lose Weight.

You know you’ll have to change the way you eat and you’re also aware that you need to do some exercise.

And it’s exercise that worries you the most...

  • You don’t like getting breathless and sweaty 
  • Your body feels uncomfortable whenever you exercise 
  • You can’t stand the thought of stripping down to a bikini or swimsuit to go swimming 
  • You hate the thought of mingling with all the ‘body beautiful's' at your local torture chamber (erm, I mean gymnasium) 
  • The thought of co-ordinating your body to move in time to music and look like you know what you’re doing in a fitness class sends you in to a cold, cold sweat. 
  • You think everyone will be watching you if you don your running shoes and take to the streets in an attempt to jog your way to health and besides you’ve tried that before and it didn’t work for you. 

It almost seems hopeless, you feel like throwing your arms up in the air and just accepting the way you look and feel even if that’s something you just don’t want to have to do.

The truth is, there is another option that doesn’t involve you paying recurring monthly fees, exposing yourself to ritual humiliation by running the streets or struggling to get through another gruelling workout at your local fitness studio.

You’ll Actually Save Time AND Money By Following My Walking Program

Let’s be honest, one of the biggest reasons why most people don’t exercise is because they don’t have time.

It takes a real commitment to go through town to the gym, get changed, push yourself for an hour, have a shower, changed again and then make it back home… your evening is virtually over.

You could do it in the morning by getting up a little earlier, but that can sometimes be so stressful and rushed before work, that it becomes something you HAVE to do instead of something you actually want to do.

So the gym can often be a non starter...

Tick BoxWhat you need is something that you can fit in and around your daily life.

Tick BoxSomething you can do without having to think about it.

Tick BoxSomething you can do in small chunks.

And get this... as soon as you leave your front door, your walking workout has begun.

In the 20 minutes you’ve spent getting to the gym and changing to get ready to work out, you’ve almost finished your walk and you’re on the way back home.

There really aren’t many other options that fit that bill.

Apart from one obvious exception…


But Isn’t Walking A Waste Of Time? Shouldn’t It Be Much Harder To Lose Weight?

Don’t get me wrong simply doing more walking is a great way to get fitter and burn a few more calories, but if you’ve ever tried it before and never seen the results you were hoping for then the reason is quite simple...

you weren’t doing it right.

Tick BoxDid you know that there is a way to use 4 different styles of walking to burn more fat.

Tick BoxDid you know that these different styles of walking will help you burn off more calories far quicker than simply strolling along and...

Tick BoxDid you know that these techniques will increase your metabolic rate so you permanently burn more fat and...

Tick BoxDid you know that using these virtually unheard of walking techniques will boost your fitness levels WAY beyond that of normal walking can ever do!

And yes it does work!

It’s A Myth That To Get In To Great Shape And Lose Weight, You’ve Got To Flog Yourself Until You Drop

Let me explain it this way. Every time we move, we burn through calories stored on our body.

These calories are our fuel, very much like petrol is to a car. Go on a long journey in your car and you’ll use a lot of fuel.

Well our body’s are exactly like this too!

So every type of activity we take part in will actually help us to burn through our fat stores.

The problem with most types of exercise is they take so much time to do and can be so over facing that people don’t do enough and this is where one of the biggest flaws in the ‘no pain, no gain’ theory lies.

And here’s another really interesting point that you probably don’t realise and it certainly won’t have been explained properly to you by your local fitness instructor.

That the type of fuel your body uses when it moves depends on how hard that exercise is.

We predominantly use carbohydrates which are held as Glycogen in the muscles and fat which we store over the whole body. But the ratio of how much of each we use can actually be decided on by you.

Yes That’s Absolutely Right. YOU Can Decide Whether You Use Your Carb Stores From Your Muscles Or The Body Fat You’ve Got Clinging To Your Hips, Butt And Thighs...

And It’s Actually Very Easy

It’s all down to the amount of effort you put in. The really high intensity exercise where you literally crawl out of the class on your hands and knees will have burnt through a far higher percentage of carbohydrates than fats.

Walking on the other hand will burn off a greater percentage of body fat. You see when you exercise over longer periods of time at a lower level of effort your body relies mainly on its fat stores for the source of energy.

So this way you’re burning through fat, not the carbs stored in your muscles.

How can I make such statements that seem to go against conventional wisdom, especially when you’ve been told time and time again that losing weight is hard?...

That you can’t have a firm, toned body unless you push yourself to the limit.

But The ONLY Reason You Think This Way Is That You’ve Been Given The Wrong Information...

If adverts promote it and everyone knows it, YOU’VE GOT YOURSELF A MYTH!

And it’s for this reason that I’m breaking rank and telling you as it is.

I’ve had enough of trying to explain to my clients WHY the traditional model of losing weight just doesn’t work.

It’s too difficult to do and won’t give you results that last a lifetime...

So Now I’m Turning My Back On The Fitness Industry And I’m Going To Expose Some Of The Biggest Lies You’ve Been Told About Exercise And Weight Loss

Because it just isn’t fair, you HAVE been lied to...

Losing weight doesn’t need to be a punishment.

You don’t have to suffer hardship by dieting or forcing yourself through gruelling workouts

I’m very sorry on behalf of the entire fitness industry if that’s what you’ve been led to believe. But you’ve got it wrong, you really don’t need to keep going ‘till you drop.’

There’s a very major flaw in the theory that going to the gym, attending fitness classes, boot camps or running will give you the body that you want.

And that’s quite simply this...

There Are Only So Many Fat Calories You Can Burn At Any Given Time, So Spend An Hour Once Or Twice A Week Flogging Your Guts And You’ll Only Lose A Certain Amount Of Weight

Lets’ say you did a really gruelling aerobics class twice a week, you’d burn off around 1,000 calories (500 for each class).

Not bad, BUT let’s imagine that’s actually ALL you did each week... then it’s not so good.

Now compare this to walking moderately for 30 minutes each day, say along some beautiful country lanes or through parks or along river banks or around stunning lakes, enjoying the views and the slower more relaxed pace of life.

How many calories do you think you’d burn off now?

I’ll tell you it’s around 1400 – 1500 calories. That’s actually more than the 2 aerobics classes put together.

The truth is if you increased either the time you walked for each day or the speed you walked at, you could easily double that amount.

And You Wouldn’t Need To Put Yourself Through Muscle Aching Pain And Draining Fatigue To Get Even Better Results!

Most people that claim to be fit and active won’t do much more than a couple of fitness classes or gym sessions a week anyway... that’s their lot!

If you’re the type of person who loves pushing yourself to the limit and lives at the gym then you’ll get the best of both worlds.

You get to supercharge your fat loss by adding walking in to your overall strategy.

Who Am I And How Can I Help You?

Jago HolmesMy name is Jago Holmes and I’m a personal trainer based here in Halifax, UK. I’ve been a personal trainer and fitness expert for over 10 years now and it’s a job that I feel so lucky to able to do each day.

As a result of working with so many clients over the years, I’ve been able to test and trial just about everything to do with weight loss.

One of the overall findings that I have discovered is that for anything to be successful it has to be done consistently over a period of time.

Most things can work if done like this, but the problem is that most people hate any form of structured exercise such as gym sessions, running or swimming etc.

I Knew That I Had To Create A Solution. It’s My Job To Do This, I’d Be Letting My Clients Down If I Didn’t.

So that’s exactly what I did...

Walking For Weight LossI created ‘Walking For weight Loss – The 6 Week Fat Elimination Plan.’

I tested and tweaked it so that it became the most effective walking program possible and then used it time and time again with my own one to one clients to verify my findings.

The results were amazing...

Many clients never set foot inside a gym, yet lost loads of weight in very short spaces of time. Also my clients noticed dramatic differences in not only the way they felt but far more importantly for many... how they looked.

If I could summarize exactly what ‘Walking For Weight Loss’ is all about in just a couple of sentences, I’d say...

It’s perhaps THE most effective alternative to using a gym or any other type of exercise that there is available on the market today.

Grab Your Copy Of ‘Walking For Weight Loss – The 6 Week Fat Elimination Plan’ Now

Place Your Order Here...

It’s A 6 Week Program That Includes Fat Loss Techniques And Tricks That Most People Won’t Have Considered Using Or Even Heard About

Perhaps one of the most underestimated benefits of walking is the buzz or ‘high’ you get when you do it. Your brain releases endorphins which are your body’s ‘happy’ hormones and the feel good factor you experience is amazing.

Regular exercise is also well documented for giving you tons more energy, despite what you might think.

There’s a number of reasons why...

  • Firstly you’re moving your body more and the more you move, the more calories you burn. This means you’ll weigh less and therefore it’s much easier for you to move around. 
  • Secondly whenever you exercise you’re strengthening and tightening your muscles. These toned, more effective muscles help you to burn off even more calories and shed more pounds. 
  • Thirdly your heart and lungs become stronger and more efficient. It takes less effort to carry out normal everyday tasks so life feels easier.

Stuart Lancaster
Over The Moon With This Book


"After looking for an alternative way of losing weight that didn't mean me going to a packed gym. Or classes, where I would worry I looked like an idiot, I stumbled across Walking For Weight Loss, and boy am I glad I did.


I have had the guide only 2 weeks but already I feel like I have a new lease of life and I've lost a few pounds! On top of that it’s also given me and my partner another interest to pursue together!


I was amazed, but not overwhelmed by the amount of information this guide contained, but also how easy it was to read and follow, even though there were things in it I had never even heard of...


This is not only a guide to walking, it's also about leading a healthy lifestyle in general, and covers everything from, choosing the correct footwear, to choosing the correct foods!


Over the moon with this book. Thank you very much."


Stuart Lancaster – West Yorkshire


Luis Mendez testimonialIt's Changed My Life...


"As a mother of FIVE young boys, free time is not something that I get to enjoy very often, and when I do, I usually sleep, watch TV or eat food that I did not have to cook! I ordered Jago's walking program after reading a review by a lady who claimed that it improved her energy levels.


If you want babies - trust me - you don't want 5 boys! I simply don't have the energy for it! My diet of coffee and sugar has had some adverse effects and leaves me exhausted in the long run. I tried some herbal remedies but the pills and potions did nothing for me.


The idea of doing exercise to have more energy was something I knew about but finding time to workout is hard for a single mum with five lads! I wanted something to read on my kindle (eBook reader) so I thought Jago’s stuff might be interesting.


Actually, it's changed my life. Jago demonstrated that walking was already a part of my daily life and if approached correctly then these walks could become truly powerful workouts.


It's true; I walk 2 of my sons to school and then walk home myself, I walk to the shops to get their dinner and I walk to work... walking is everywhere if you stop and look! The difference that Jago’s program made to my life was he taught me how anyone can convert that leisurely stroll or stressful commute into a proactive weight loss walk.


The fact is that when done correctly walking became rejuvenating and inspired me to do more exercise. I regularly get comments like "YOU’RE LOOKING WELL' when I get to work! This never used to happen before I did this!


Walking For Weight Loss is not a miracle cure to all the difficulties in my life but it really has made my life easier!" 

Luis Mendosa - USA

When You Commit To Something Like Walking For Weight Loss, You Are Taking Control Of Your Destiny


You’re calling the shots and deciding which way you go in life instead of just accepting the way you are right now.

By taking control this way you’re far more likely to make better food choices and when you eat well, you also feel so much better and have so much more energy.

Many people don’t just use walking for weight loss, they use it to unwind after a hard day’s work or to get away from a stressful situation and recharge their batteries.

Getting out of work or away from the family often gives you a chance to think things through and come up with solutions.

So not only will you lose weight when you’re walking but you’ll also increase your energy levels, reduce the stress in your life, see beautiful and varied new places and you’ll also feel great about yourself.

If you’re happy the way you are at the moment, that’s great, you don’t need my help...

But If You Want To Change The Way You Look And Feel Then 'Walking For Weight Loss' Could Very Well Be The Answer For You

This 6 Week Fat Elimination Plan is unique because it’s a totally new approach to losing weight and toning all your problems areas. It’s a walking guide and training program that gives you...

Tick BoxA clever technique used by sportsmen and women to keep themselves motivated and focussed on their goals. (page 8)

Tick BoxA range of fat loss measuring and monitoring techniques you can use to chart the weight you’ll be losing so you stay motivated and focussed. (page 18)

Tick BoxAn instantly downloadable eBook system you can download to your desktop in just a few minutes from now and be using the techniques yourself today.

Tick BoxA really simple but clever way of changing the way you eat so you can lose weight without having to change your whole life. (page 20)

Tick BoxSome great tips for choosing foods when eating out, so a busy social life doesn’t mean you can’t have the body you want. (page 22)

Tick BoxA quick technique you can use to find out if you’re working hard enough or just wasting your time. (page 27)

Tick BoxThe correct way of standing so you look taller, fitter, slimmer and more attractive... do this every day and you’ll soon be feeling like a different person. (page 30)

Tick BoxExact step by step instructions of exactly how to use the 4 very different levels of walking to boost energy levels and blast your fat stores. (pages 32 - 36)

Tick BoxThe guide contains over 33 photographs showing you exactly how to use all the techniques I recommend.

Not Only That But You’ll Also Learn...

Tick BoxHow to do Olympic power walking so you can experience the endorphin high you get from pushing yourself that little bit further. (page 36)

Tick BoxHow to do essential stretches so you avoid feeling stiff and achy in the mornings and some clever movements that will help you to stand taller and reduce your chances of suffering from back pain. (pages 38 - 42)

Tick BoxWhy this one inexpensive piece of equipment is essential to help you get more out of every walk. (page 44)

Tick BoxWhat things you should take with you on your walks to stay safe, warm and dry, (pages 45 - 47)

Tick BoxOne clever trick that can help you to burn off nearly 50% more fat whilst making you more toned and fitter at the same time. (page 52)

Tick BoxHow using advanced training techniques borrowed from other sports can increase the amount of weight you lose by up to 30%. (pages 53 - 56)

Tick BoxHow you can use a treadmill at home or the gym if you’d prefer not to do your walks outside. (page 57)

Tick BoxA neat idea to get you a stream of like minded people to support and help you to lose even more weight. (page 59)

Tick Box5 completely different 'easy to follow' walking schedules to choose from. There's one to suit every fitness level, from the very unfit to the super fit. (pages 61 - 70)

Tick BoxOver 72 pages of insider knowledge, your own ‘over the shoulder’ look in to the unique weight loss tips and tricks used by some of the top personal trainers in the world.

Whatever shape, size or level of fitness you are now, I guarantee my program contains a walking schedule that you could start using today to begin sculpting and shaping the new you!

Don’t just think about this, if you’re not totally happy with the way you look right now, then you need to take action...

Jane Williams' testimonialExercise Can Actually Be Fun!...


"The last 4 years of my life have been very difficult since losing my husband.


He was the backbone to my life and I have been lost without him.


Being someone who puts on weight very easily I have to be careful what I eat and also do regular exercise. I don't like exercise but for me it is essential to look and stay healthy.


After Peter died I did not have the will power I needed to do this and my comfort eating grew out of my control. I also stopped exercising. It wasn't until a routine check-up at my doctors when she told me I was officially obese and that’s when the penny dropped. Obesity can kill...


It was the reason for my breathing problems and much of my depression. It was a vicious circle that needed resolving. When you are overweight it is difficult to start exercising for a number of reasons. Social stigma and pain are the two that come to my mind. I know how funny I look jogging through the park in my sportswear!


But you have to take your health seriously so I began looking for some information about weight loss and subscribed to a few fitness blogs but unfortunately none of them were very helpful.


After finding Jago’s training and downloading his eBook I discovered that exercise can actually be fun! Yes, I said fun! And losing weight can be enjoyable too! If you have ever wanted to lose some weight yourself then the idea that it can be fun to do is a revelation!


With Jago’s ‘Walking For Weight Loss’ I began my walking program and within 2 weeks I lost a few pounds. Since then I have been able to maintain a safe weight and this has also increased my awareness, confidence and improved my attitude.


Of course I still miss my husband and I'm sure I always will but at least now I know he would be extremely proud of my achievements. I could never have done this without Jago's helpful support and training."


Jane Williams - USA

Wendy Barr's teatimonialIt Would Appeal To Anyone...

"Walking For Fitness is a gem of a book which describes in readable and interesting detail all the benefits of walking, for weight loss, fitness and overall well-being. It would appeal to anyone who feels daunted by all the diet and fitness books available today.

In clear language and with excellent bite-size information and illustrations, all clearly headed, you can dip in to whichever aspect of walking you feel interested in. It is a mine of useful information on all aspects of walking for weight loss - from warm up exercises and foot wear, to safety for women walkers.  


It spreads the word about the benefits of walking in a such a relaxed style that even someone who feared they were too unfit to begin with, would be tempted to try the program set out in Jago’s eBook.  Even those who thought they knew everything there was to know about walking to get fit would be surprised how much they could learn from this compact and encouraging guide." 

Wendy Barr - Orkney

Margaret Day's testimonialThe Health Benefits Have Been Amazing...


"I have used Walking For Weight Loss every week since I invested in Jago's training.


I have lost weight yes but what I really wanted was to achieve an improvement in the back of my arms which since getting older seem to swing in the wind. This walking program helped me to do this without ever picking up any weights or breaking a sweat.


I am lucky enough to live in the countryside so if there is one health and fitness activity that is made for country living it's walking!


The health benefits have been amazing. Walking reduces my stress when I have had a difficult day at work and it actually makes me a bigger part of the community because people see me walking.


I don't think you need any special skills and you don't have to live in the countryside to see the improvements that I have seen by using Jago's methods regularly. All you really need is a bit of self-respect and a simple desire to be happy...


If you follow Jago’s walking program with these positive attitudes then I can virtually guarantee that any excess weight you have will quickly drop off. Jago’s systems work!" 

Margaret Day - New England

Okay Jago, It Sounds Great But How Much Does This Cost?

Well, for an hour of one to one training at your home I’d charge you $60.00.

So if I was able to train you personally for every workout over the next 6 weeks, you’d have to spend at least $2,160.00 to do so.

But I’ve made it easier than that, you don’t need me to be there with you to get the same results with this program, so this will be money well spent.

I wanted to make this available to everyone, not just the rich and famous.

I want to share my NEW system with as many people as possible so I can help them transform the way they look and feel without having to actually be there teaching it

So, I think you’ll agree it’s very affordable to everyone.

Walking For Weight Loss now costs just $37.99

Do you think that’s a fair price for transforming your body?

As I said, owning Walking For Weight Loss really is like having me right by your side guiding you every step of the way.

So why spend $2,160.00 when you can get the same theories, ideas and techniques for a fraction of the cost?

Just going back to the question of whether $37.99 is a fair price?


For less than the price of a couple of take out Pizza’s you get something so powerful that really could change your life forever.

Get ‘Walking For Weight Loss – The 6 Week Fat Elimination Plan’ Now For Just
$37.99 Only!

Place Your Order Here...

And because it genuinely is very important to me that you succeed in losing weight, toning up your troublesome spots and feeling great about yourself.

I also want to give you all of these bonuses at no extra cost whatsoever when you grab your copy of Walking For Weight loss right now:

Walking Weight Loss JournalFREE WITH THE PROGRAM
 - My Walking Weight Loss Journal

This is free to you with the program and it contains a day to day diary to plot and chart your progress. By recording everything you do this way, you increase the importance of the task in your own mind and your results will be better and quicker as a result.

This great training log and walking diary is an absolute must. It will help you plot and keep track of your journey over the next 6 weeks and beyond.


How To Boost Your MetabolismBONUS #1 (worth $11.99) - How To Boost Your Metabolism

Learn the secrets to eating more and weighing less by simply boosting your metabolism in 3 easy steps!
Learn ways to burn calories even at rest and find out which exercises actually burn fat the fastest.



Healthy Smoothies For Rapid Weight LossBONUS #2 (worth $11.99) - Healthy Smoothies For Rapid Weight Loss

You’ll find over 50 of the healthiest, yet mouth watering smoothies ever created!

Recipes include some of the quickest and easiest to make drinks, simple to prepare in just a matter of a few minutes making them ideal for days when you’re short of time, but need a power packed vitamin boosting ‘pick me up.’


Healthy Soups For Healthy LivingBONUS #3 (worth $17.99) - Healthy Soups For Healthy Living

This is a real favourite of mine. It’s printed out and on my kitchen shelf and I make at least one recipe from it every week.

Soups are an amazingly simple way of cooking and preparing a whole host of foods in one place. In fact I challenge you to ruin a soup, they’re so quick and easy to make and with this recipe collection you’ll get step by step instructions of exactly how to prepare each one.


Glycemic 101BONUS #4 (worth $21.99) - Glycemic 101: How To Effortlessly Control Your Glycemic Index

Inside you’ll discover how to eat to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and learn how highs and lows in your blood sugar can actually drive you to craving sugary snacks all day long.
You'll find out why using the Glycemic index as your tool for selecting the foods you eat could help you to lose weight AND dramatically reduce your risk of suffering from problems such as diabetes, high cholesterol and heart disease.


How To Start RunningBONUS #5 (worth $37.99) - How To Start Running

I’ve put this bonus in for you even though I’m obviously aware that it’s walking and not running that you’re interested in.

But what you’ll notice over the next few weeks is that your fitness levels will soar and you’ll have so much energy that it may well feel like it’s the natural progression. If you do, then you’ve got it ready.

It really is a mini encyclopedia of running for beginners which contains everything you need to know to get started safely and gradually.


Healthy Salads For Healthy LivingBONUS #6 (worth $17.99) - order now and you'll also receive this eBook completely FREE – Healthy Salads For Healthy Living

You'll find some really unusual and tasty salads which can be used as meals in their own right or eaten alongside other foods as accompaniments.


Never again will you have to serve up limp lettuce leaves, soggy cucumber or boring tomato slices. Once you try some of these fantastic salads you'll realise that there is much more to a salad than simply filling up a space on your plate.


There are 17 mouthwatering recipes that draw inspiration from all over the world along with some useful hints and tips for how to get the best out of any salad by using some of the healthy and tasty dressings you'll find inside.





Planning Your SuccessBONUS #7 (worth $7.99) - Planning Your Success


'Failing to plan is like planning to fail' as a very wise man once said. Without having a direction to head towards how can you ever reach your destination.


This manual helps you to create realistic, motivational and achievable goals which will help drive you on towards your chosen weight loss goal and ideal body shape.

You’ll discover how to create a time framed list of achievable goals and targets you’ll be happily ticking off along the way.

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" Last July I downloaded some of Jago's training. The program I was most attracted to was Walking For Weight Loss. This seemed like the ideal system because I had been doing it for many years... walking that is!


I almost wanted to disprove the theory that someone could burn enough calories from walking to actually consider it a weight loss program! It all seemed a bit too easy... I was waiting for the catch.


OK, so I am not 'fat' but I do suffer from 'bloating' and I have tried many methods to stop the bloating from happening. But nothing helped; not even a wheat free diet. I did not invest in Jago's training because of my weight - I joined in because the exercise I could do after my riding accident was limited - but consequently it appears that a walking lifestyle really is one of the healthiest lifestyles I've ever experienced and that includes during my horse riding days too!


Yes I have lost weight and I don't get any bloating if I follow some of the other advice Jago shared inside his training. I would highly recommend this program for fast weight loss and if you are interested in controlling your weight before it starts to control you then this system is perfect for you.


Even at my age I can still sit on the beach and be comfortable with my body and that really is thanks to Jago's walking program plus my mobility is now almost totally pain free for the first time since falling from my horse."


Joan Birch - USA


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I have a few family members who have died from obesity so it is something I am concerned about. Jago really does empower people to live a life that they want without having to restrict 'the good stuff'.


By incorporating Jago's walking methods into my life I have been able to lose weight and enjoy food. The balance between theory and action in Jago's book is ideal. You will love this book whether or not you naturally enjoy exercise.


I would recommend it to people whatever their previous experience and whatever their level of fitness. My son has been training in the military for a few years now and walking is still his method of choice to stay fit when off duty... now that's saying something right?!


If you want to control your weight on your terms then there isn’t a simpler way than ‘Walking For Weight Loss’ which achieves real results for average people like me.

Judy Mason - US

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I’m not a fly by night, grab your money and run type of guy.

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6.  Healthy Salads For Healthy Living


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