walking for weight loss

Walking Tips – Get It Right From The Start



These walking tips will help you get started on the right foot (excuse the pun!)


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Walking For Weight Loss
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Walking For Weight Loss

Leave time in your busy schedule to follow a walking program that will work for you. Keep the following points in mind...
  • Choose a safe place to walk.  
  • Find a partner or group to walk with you. Encourage and support each other in committing to walking regularly even if each of you has a different fitness level or walks at a different pace.  
  • Wear shoes with proper arch support, a firm heel, and thick flexible soles. They will cushion your feet and absorb shock. Before you buy new shoes, walk in them in the store.  
  • Wear clothes that will keep you dry and comfortable. Put on fabrics that absorb sweat and remove it from your skin.  


Practical Walking Tips...

  • Divide your walk into three parts. Warm up slowly, then increase your speed to a brisk walk. This means walking fast enough to elevate your heart rate while still being able to speak comfortably, concentrate, and breathe without effort. 
  • Cool down slowly. 
  • Stretch lightly after warm-up and cool-down. 
  • Spread your walking evenly throughout the week. Try to walk at least 3 days each week if you cannot walk daily. Each week, add a few minutes to your walk. 
  • Break up your walk into multiple sessions throughout the day if you have a busy schedule. Make sure each session is at least 10 minutes long. Some physical activity is better than none. 
  • To avoid stiff or sore muscles and joints, start gradually. Over several weeks, begin walking faster, going further, and taking longer walks. 
  • Set goals and reward yourself. 
  • Keep track of your progress with a walking journal or log. Record date, time, and distance. 


More Walking Tips...

  • Experts recommend at least 150 minutes each week of moderate intensity physical activity. 
  • Divide these minutes up over the week as your schedule allows. 
  • The more you walk, the more health benefits you may gain!