walking for weight loss

Power Walking - The Secret Weight Loss
 Used By the Stars

Power walking is used regularly by some of the world’s most beautiful and sexiest women.

Stars such as Jennifer Aniston, Natalie Imbruglia, Cameron Diaz, Teri Hatcher, Anna Friel, Katie Price and Nicole Kidman to name but a few have all been spotted power walking regularly.

It’s probably one of those things that most people know about and may have even seen (no I’m not talking about the Olympic version here) but have probably never given it a try.


It does have the image of being a little bit feminine and not really all that much hard work.


But this is far from the truth, power walking can be a very challenging workout if done correctly.


However the attraction for most women (I say women because I don’t actually think I’ve ever seen a man doing it yet) is that it’s a great way to lose weight and stay in shape.


So What EXACTLY Is Power Walking?


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Walking For Weight Loss

Power walking is essentially walking at a faster pace than normal and involving the arms in a much more dynamic and powerful way. Not only do the arms and legs work harder but the technique also challenges the muscles of the core, shoulders and buttocks if done right.

If you think of walking very quickly as if you’re late for an appointment or a bus etc and then you add in slightly exaggerated arm movements and a tightening of the whole stomach and lower back area, then you’ve pretty much got power walking summed up.


Why is Power Walking Good For Losing Weight?


There are a number of reasons why it’s so good for losing weight, but basically it boils down to these 3 main points...

  • It burns off 20 – 30% more calories than simply walking 
  • It’s easy to do anywhere, with no equipment and no gym membership needed 
  • Because it’s structured and has a definite technique to use (actually there are 3 different techniques) it’s seen more of a workout, therefore it’s taken more seriously and has a much higher consistency rate than running for example. 

Think about it now, which do you think sounds more effective, ‘a stroll in the park’ or ‘a power walk in the park’


Does Power Walking Really Work?


Absolutely it does!


Other than the fact that you’ll lose weight quickly whilst toning your arms, legs, buttocks, stomach and shoulders it has a whole host of clinically proven health benefits, from a reduction in the chances of getting cancer to a lessening risk of suffering from osteoporosis.


It’s like everything else in life, if you give it your best shot and commit to doing it regularly then you’ll see fantastic results.


However if you want to lose weight, then you’ll need to also make some small changes to your diet at the same time as following a well designed walking program.


There is a reason why some of the most beautiful and toned celebrities in the world use power walking as part of their fitness regime and that’s quite simply because it works.


To give it a try or to find out more, go take a look here to see what other everyday people have to say about the secret weight loss benefits of power walking.