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Walking For Weight Loss - Everything You Need to Know About Using Walking to Lose Weight...

Jago HolmesHi there, my name is Jago Holmes, I'm a certified personal trainer from the UK.

I'm hosting this blog for anyone who wants a new and fun way of losing weight and keeping fit. You'll find suggestions, tips and weight loss tricks in many of the posts and comments right here...

I'll be sharing all of my knowledge about walking for weight loss with you in the pages of this blog.

Please leave your comments on any of these posts as it's always great to read your thoughts and opinions on walking and weight loss matters.

Have a good look around, I hope you enjoy reading my comments and suggestions and please do come back again soon...

Walking To Lose WeightIf you've got a couple of minutes to spare I highly recommend you go take a look at my NEW walking program.

It's a unique approach that I've developed which uses power walking and other advanced walking techniques to supercharge fat loss.

Based on a 6 week walking plan, it's a perfect solution for anyone who hates going to the gym, slogging it out at fitness classes or pounding the streets in their running gear.

You can find out all about it here - Walking For Weight Loss - The 6 Week Fat Elimination Plan

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